Q. If I come late, can I add time to the end of my lesson?

A. No, unfortunately.   I reserve the time slot for your lesson.  I have students back to back and other commitments.

Q.  I have a sore throat.  Can I cancel last minute without being charged?

A.  Not unless you are contagious.  There are so many things we can work on when you are not feeling well.

Q. Can I sit in the lesson with my child?

A.  If the student is young, and the parent will be actively guiding at-home practice in the beginning stage of lessons, then yes.  Otherwise it is not recommended that parents sit in on lessons.  Parents may wait in the living rom.  There are also coffee shops, etc. nearby.  Parents may sit in lessons with permission of the student.

Q. What should I bring to my first lesson?

A. You should have the handbook/intake forms filled out and signed.  If you are a voice student, please bring a recording device.

Q. Do you teach other instruments?

A. I am a certified Little Kids Rock teacher and teach beginning guitar by request.

Q. Do you offer performance opportunities?

A. Yes!  Each winter, we sing at a senior living center and each spring we have a formal recital.