Piano Lessons

Piano Teaching Philosophy

Christina teaches all ages and ability levels in a student-centered, safe, and supportive environment to foster expression and artistry. In addition, students will learn music literacy, sight-reading and performance techniques as part of their instruction.   

Here are some of the goals of piano study:

  • Music literacy
  • Strengthen hand muscles and hand-eye coordination
  • Performance technique and analysis
  • Practice skills
  • Develop self-awareness and confidence
  • Have fun!

What kind of Commitment is Piano Lessons?

Lessons for beginner and intermediate students should be a weekly commitment.  To see significant improvement, it may take a minimum of two years of regular training and practice. For measurable improvement, it is imperative that the student develops effective practice habits and is prepared for each lesson.  Students can expect to see high level skills after five years of training and mastery around 10 years.  There is usually an increase in confidence around six months.