Online Lessons

Students may take lessons online using Zoom.  Schedule a lesson and you will receive an invite to download the app to your computer or personal device.

Online Lesson Setup Guide

  • Computer with a camera or iPad (it’s possible to do on a phone, but a bit small to see me teach)
  • Music (sheets secured in a binder)
  • Pencil
  • Homework book
  • Headphones (preferable wireless)
  • A good Microphone like the Blue Yeti or The Sure Motiv makes a HUGE difference

*If you don’t have a computer, be sure to use a tripod for your device


  • Singing props: ex. chopsticks, straw, cork
  • Separate device for accompaniment
  • Accompaniment tracks (CD, online, Appcompanist, Musicnotes)
Email any sheet music you will be using during the lesson that I may not already have (piano students should email me a photo of the song they are working on as well as the next pages of their lesson and theory books)

Your connection quality is important.  If at all possible, plug the device you’re using for video connection directly to your router with an ethernet cable.  This provides a much more reliable connection and better sound quality than Wifi.  Sometimes this may mean purchasing a very long ethernet cable, which is easily done.  If this is not possible, make sure the area you are in has a strong wifi connection.  

Make sure your camera angle shows your instrument or your body from the waist up (singers)

Logging into Your Lesson, setting up sound
  1. You will receive a link to the zoom lesson.  Click on the link to start the lesson.
  2. INITIAL SOUND SETUP (only done once for each device)
    1. Click on the arrow on the bottom left, which will bring up a menu.  Click on audio settings.  UNCHECK the box next to automatically adjust microphone volume.
    2. Click on the box to the bottom right that says “advanced” 
    3. Make your audio settings screen look like this one!
  1. On the main screen “turn on original sound” for each lesson
  2. On the bottom right of the main screen you will have the option to request record your video if you would like to save a recording of your lesson